Think About It

There are few times in our lives when everyone we love is 
together in one place.

 It’s a privilege and honor to capture it.

Even 100+ weddings in, I still tear up at every single one. There’s something about witnessing two people proclaiming their love to one another, surrounded by those who love them, that goes beyond the day itself and has me grasping for the tissues. My work is deeply meaningful because it’s intertwined with your beautiful love story, and I pinch myself every day I get to call this my job. 

After earning my BA in Marketing, I landed an internship editing for a wedding photo/video company, which soon led to me filming and then photographing weddings for them. I loved the work, but something was missing: If I was going to tell a couple's love story, I needed to really get to know them first. Wild Floral Photo was born in 2022 out of this desire, and I’ve been happily behind a camera in some form or fashion ever since. 

So how exactly DID I end up crying for a living?!

I started Wild Floral Photo because 
I wanted personal relationships with my clients.

The Visuals

My style is best described as…

Warm Earth Tones / Creamy Whites and Highlights for Balance / Intimate / Emotional / Connective / Artistic / Nostalgic / Narrative

REAL relationships


In order to tell your love story in the trustest possible way, I take the time to get to know you personally and create an experience of ease, comfort, and trust.

enduring quality


I’m not chasing trendy poses or popular filters—I’m after timeless collections of art your children’s children will delight in and enjoy.

attention to detail


I’ve developed an eye for capturing nuanced moments and situations; Your groomsmen laughing together or the tear rolling down Grandma’s cheek during vows? I got it.

The Values

The brand values I bring to every interaction…

the very important facts

you should probably know...

  • 01. I am utterly obsessed with Corgis. Until I can get my own, I watch every single corgi video on Instagram and feel like I’ve spotted a celebrity when I see one in real life.

  • 02. I'm a grandma at heart. I love cross-stitch, bread making, and gardening. Snuggling up in a cozy sweater with a cup of tea and my latest stitching project is my ideal way to end a day.

  • 03. Traveling and experiencing new cultures brings me immense joy. I've solo hiked Arches National Park, explored castles in England, been on safari in South Africa, and even solo travelled in Mozambique on a whim at age 19 (sorry Mom)!

“I just wanted to say thank you again! you truly added so much value to our wedding day and making it truly one of a kind!!!”